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Lives of the Conjurers, Volume Two By Professor Solomon

Lives of the Conjurers, Volume Two
By Professor Solomon

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Book Synopsis

The second volume of "Lives of the Conjurers" by Professor Solomon. This free ebook contains the biographies of sixteen exponents of their particular craft:

ICARDINI He seemed bewildered by his own magic
BLACKSTONE "The Last of the Great Magicians"
LEON MANDRAKE He wore a turban or a top hat -- depending on the gig
DUNNINGER Was it true that the renowned mindreader couldn't read the mind of a gnat?
DAVENPORT BROTHERS Their spirit cabinet brought them fame. But were they mediums or magicians?
PROFESSOR NEUMAN He had misread a mind -- and the police hauled him away!
THE GREAT LESTER Did he have the exclusive rights to that name?
GEORGES M?LI?S A magician who transformed himself into a filmmaker.
CHARLIER No one knew where he came from -- or where he finally went.
MAX MALINI He learned h...
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