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Ergonocracy - A new ideology for a Human Adapted 21st Century Regime. By Jorge Alves

Ergonocracy - A new ideology for a Human Adapted 21st Century Regime.
By Jorge Alves

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Book Synopsis

Ergonocracy intends to provide an answer, a guide to a new regime.
Therefore, the target readership for this book will be all those who are desperately ready for change. It focuses on the following goals:

o To promote a system where there is an effective reduction of centralized power with the help of information technology, which will enable citizens to participate in the decision-making process;

o To abolish power intermediaries;
o To provide all citizens with equal political intervention power;
o To maximize individual freedom;
o To reform the capitalist system by eliminating the economic exploitation of man by man without questioning the freedom of private initiative;
o To create an economic system that will naturally lead to well-balanced prosperity, with the enhancement of human performance without excluding anyone...
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