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A Brief Guide to Living with Danger. By Mike Dixon

A Brief Guide to Living with Danger
By Mike Dixon

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We all live with danger. Some seek it out. Others fight it. No one can avoid it. Mike Dixon takes a look at the perils of modern life: extreme sports, dangerous jobs, natural disasters, human disasters, fraud, violence and reckless living.

The book is illustrated with over fifty photographs.


Speed Skydiving

Imagine falling off a cliff.  You might get the nasty feeling that your speed will go on increasing and you will break through the sound barrier before being dashed to pieces on the rocks below. Be assured you are wrong.  As your speed increases, wind resistance increases and a happy state is reached when it matches your weight.  When that happens, you will have attained terminal velocity … if the cliff is high enough.

The terminal velocity of a skydiver, lying face down, is about 320...
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