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Christmas in Eden - Richie Cooley

Christmas in Eden (A New Theory of Adam)
By Richie Cooley

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Book Synopsis

Theologians have often wrestled with the somewhat enigmatic opening to the book of Genesis. This booklet explores a new construction of Eden's chronology that better meshes with creationism.


A possible problem while trying to understand any single verse in the Old Testament is the fact that the Hebrew language can sometimes be a bit vague. Sometimes a verse can legitimately be read several different ways or have several different meanings. This has indeed posed a difficulty when it comes to the Bible's opening statement, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." The problem here isn't solely the oft-debated question of it being either an independent statement or a dependent clause leading in to the next verse; the cumulative quandary is understanding just what the statement means from any vantage point. Is it...
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