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Zechariah's Dreamscape - Richie Cooley

Zechariah's Dreamscape
By Richie Cooley

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Book Synopsis

This is a brand new translation and commentary of the first six chapters of Zechariah's prophecy. In this section of the Bible, eight dreams are given the young exile pertaining to the future of Israel and the nations. There are many footnotes dealing with the Hebrew text and quotes from leading evangelical scholars. The commentary is written from a dispensational perspective.


I'll call them dreams since they happened at night, but it's debatable if they were really "dreams" or "visions." To understand the usefulness of these dreams you must first consider who Zechariah was and what situation he found himself in. Israel is God's chosen nation. Due to sin the Almighty judged his people through the imperial powers of Assyria and Babylon. These two mighty nations ransacked the land and carried away thousands of ca...
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