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The Inferno: A Biblical Survey of Plagues By Richie Cooley

The Inferno: A Biblical Survey of Plagues
By Richie Cooley

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This free booklet begins with a Biblical discussion of the Hebrew and Greek terms for plagues. It then moves on to apply these ideas to an exposition of the book of Numbers, chapter 16. Having done this, modern culture is discussed via the genres of politics, science, and the Christian religion.


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the famous writer who gave the world Sherlock Holmes, wrote a book, which took his readers to the lawlessness of the wild American frontier. The novel is entitled The Valley of Fear, and it is a very engrossing tale. The situation that was described in this valley was somewhat based on actual events (although the real story occurred in Pennsylvania).

In the second half of the novel a young member of a lodge-oriented society moves west to flee from a murder he committed in Chicago. He comes to a spot that is dominated...
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