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Five Quick Sermons by E Marie Seltenrych

Five Quick Sermons
By E Marie Seltenrych

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Book Synopsis

Ready for the busy speaker, minister, pastor or someone who needs a quick devotion, inspired by the Holy Spirit and infused with research and study.

'Reward' is the theme of this volume 1: Christian Service [there are many rewards], a Christmas message - God's reward; reward for sticking to Jesus; reward for seeking true riches and the reward for avoiding group sin.


Principal Scriptures:

Matthew Chapter 1 & 2: Luke Chapter 2

Central theme: God’s Eternal reward to those who love Him

Introduction: Use the bustling and activity surrounding the Christmas season as an example of preparation: how folk go to extreme lengths to make everything „just so‟.

What about God? Is preparation important to Him?

Primary Message: Preparation is very important to God: God must have spent e...
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