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Damian's Assassin by Lizzy Ford

Damian's Assassin
By Lizzy Ford

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Book Synopsis

Sequel to Damian's Oracle.

Paranormal romance.

After spending thousands of years as the right hand man and chief assassin of the White God, Dustin no longer finds the human capacity for good convincing. That is until he meets a delightful Natural, Bianca, whose healing gift will alter not only his fate, but the destiny of all those around them. obooko.

"Sweetie, you can lay down in the bed next to your daddy"s."

Bianca looked from her pale brother lying too still on the hospital bed to the smiling nurse. The room was dark except for the light above Jonny"s bed and the red and green lights dotting the machines keeping him alive.

"Thank you."

Adults would argue with her if she told them she wasn"t leaving Jonny"s side until he was healed....
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