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Oracle Moon - Wayne Ellis

Oracle Moon
By Wayne Ellis

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Book Synopsis

Book 1 in the Transformation Chronicles series.

In the near future, the Earth is ascending into a higher spiritual life. People are becoming 'Gurus'; those that has come out of the 'Darkness of confusion'. Secretly within this darkness, entities called the 'Shadows' have long had possession over this confusion.

With an imminent rise of 'Gurus' and 'Shadows' an advanced alien race called the Caldons select the first 'Guardian' of Earth to help protect this rising transformation and rising threat.

The Shadows are finally cast off the Earthly realms and the first battle to transform the rest of the galaxy begins on the Moon...


There was a brilliant flash of light. A huge silver mandala appeared, and a man stepped out. He stood in the alleyway outside an ancient Gothic chur...
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