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Beyond the Great Juncture by Wayne Ellis

The Will of the Three
By Wayne Ellis

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Book Synopsis

Book 4 in the Transformation Chronicles series.

The Will of the Three is a story that follows on six years after 'Beyond the Great Juncture' Now that Udicia has rid of the Shadows, it's their turn to help transform the galaxy.

In this story three young Guardians, Sari, Penni and Calana help fight to save nine quadrants half-way across the galaxy and a potential shift in its rotation. There, on a small outpost planet they come face to face with one of most ancient and sinister Shadows that ever roamed the galaxy...


"This will take you into the Dark Realms, Calana," said Arden. He opened up his hand, and seven Golden Stars flew toward Calana, penetrating where the seven centres resided in her body.

At first, she was a little surprised, but then she became completely thoughtless, as a wave of new a...
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