thirteen enlightening stories to hold you enthralled to the end

She mulled over it for months; she would have to kill her husband and eat his brain. But she could not think of a way to do it … her brain was too weak to plot it.

To Sweeten Boredom. By Jeff Tikari

To Sweeten Boredom
By Jeff Tikari

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Delightful short stories covering a wide range of subjects. Stories that will hold you enthralled to the end.

Excerpt from Compelling Persuasions:

Young Panak considered himself a thinker and writer; his collogues considered him opinionated and mad; his thinking was at variance to theirs, he was stubborn and bull headed to boot.

The human ‘soul’ was the singular obsession of Panak’s preoccupation. He would contemplate for days in deep thought – missing out on food, snacking when hungry, and sleeping fitfully at night.

I suppose ‘soul’ is a combination of energy a life-giving force, with somehow a destiny intertwined. But what is this force? And what is energy? Both terms are so vague and interchangeable. He decided he needed a ‘soul’ to properly study it. But how would he get hold of a ‘soul&...
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