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Funny books & Humorous books

Earliest published books appear first. Newest books last. Latest books on last page.
One Clown Short by Linda C. Wright
Dropping the Kids off at the Pool by Bradley Meehan
The Distance Travelled by Brett Alexander Savory
A Dancing Bear by David Free
The Gospel of Bucky Dennis by J. R. Parks
Gone with the Trash by Patrick Lussier & Brad Rines
A Spoof on Sex by Don Lewis Wireman, Sr.
Barry's World by Dave Jenvey
A Briefer History of Time by Eric Schulman
Questing for Adventure by Jean Marie Romana
A Foreign Education by Craig Alan Williamson
Odd Jobs by Timothy A. Boling
Our Lady of the Lowriders by Doug Lambeth
The Adventures of Couch Potato by Nigel G. Mitchell
Hamsters! by Daniel Derrett
Mom Letters by Jack Brackitt
Paper or Plastic? by Mark A. Cooper
Fried Green Zombies by John A. Allen
Crazy by Leo Vine-Knight
Honest, the Martian Ate Your Dog by Fahim Farook
Sisyphus Gets Stoned by Rayanda
The Drunken Parakeet by Justin Qwits
Noisome Beasts by Robert Chatham
A Plague of Hearts by Patrick Whittaker
How I was Murdered by a Fox Monster by M.C.Queen
The Divine Comedy MMIX by Walt Sautter
333 Miles by Craig Birk
The History of Oeuf, Book 1 by P. S. E.
The History of Oeuf, Book 2 by P. S. E.
The History of Oeuf, Book 3 by P. S. E.
A humorous book excerpt from funny book, A Dancing Bear by David Free: The stark indifference to fashion trends and prevailing weather conditions. The soulless stare into the camera’s lens. The disturbing absence of affect. The sort of photograph destined to show up again ten years later, blown up on the TV news, dots of old newsprint fattening and blurring towards meaninglessness, ceasing to hold the shape of a human face. The kind of picture doomed to turn up in the poorly glued middle of the quickie paperback ... Check out teh homepage for access to more humour and comedy free ebooks download, which are well worth a look.