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Eye of the Storm by Sara Reinke

Eye of the Storm
By Sara Reinke

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Book Synopsis

With this never-before published follow up to Resurrection, John Frances hunts tracks down demons. A seasoned veteran from the Metro Police Division, Paul has built a renowned career from hunting down serial killers. It should have brought him everything he wished for, with fame, notoriety as well as respect, but rather, it's given him nightmares.

He dreams of torturing ladies, driving them to the actual brink of death as well as beyond, again and again. These visions torment his nights and haunt his daytime hours, and when he learns that he had been sleepwalking, disappearing for uncalculated hours at any given time, he can't help asking himself the question: has the demon hunter become a demon himself?


In the dream, Paul Frances meant to cut off the girl's fingers one by one, using what looked like a stainless steel s...
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