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Circle of Arms by Wendy Maddocks

Circle of Arms
By Wendy Maddocks

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Book Synopsis

The Shades of Northwood, Book 2

When she has to traverse the barrier between worlds in order to save her friend, who is dying, Katie does so instinctively. Beyond that wall though, there are things, and they are things she definitely does not wish to know about. However, she locks them away and carries on. Carries on being okay that is. She learns however that safeguarding one friend might mean the death of another... And that's positively not okay.


"I'm so proud of you, Katie."

Mr Cartwright stood in the corner of the open car door and held his arms out for a hug. Katie only hesitated for a moment before going to him, knowing her friends were crowding the front window and watching her. It didn't matter though, Katie loved her parents and she wasn't planning to cover it up to save face.
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