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A Shade Too Young By Wendy Maddocks

A Shade Too Young
By Wendy Maddocks

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Here's a collection for those who love ghost stories. Whether you are ready or not, It doesn't matter how old you are or who you are. Life, death, love, regret - they all cause pain and emotions of loss, and they arrive as quickly and as scary as a spider. The folks in these stories are discovering ways to deal with their destiny. Because there is no other option.

Excerpt from AN ANGEL CRIES:

I can remember everything perfectly like it only happened last night, not over a month ago.  Sure some of the details have blurred a bit, but just little stuff.  The important things are clear as day; the sounds, the smells, the order of things.  It’s not true what they say about painful memories fading, becoming less vivid as time goes on.  It gets worse as every day passes, becomes more real every minute.
I was at a party – one...
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