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Running Shoes by Wendy Maddocks

Running Shoes
By Wendy Maddocks

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Book Synopsis

The Shades of Northwood, book 1.

She used to run in order to win. Moving away from home to commence a new life at college life is never going to be easy. It's all so shiny and new, and extremely scary. Well, it is for Katie. She was trapped somewhere between the girl people expected her to be and the future she imagines for herself. What's more, Katie discovers the town she ran to is not all that great after all. In fact, it's quite dead. Now she runs to live.


"Giving birth to you was definitely easier than this... and that took 24 hours."

`"Great way to make me feel special, Mom."

"Oh honey, I didn't mean it like that. I just meant - "

"It's okay," Katie grinned. She held the lid of one box down while her mother suffocated it w...
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