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Rainbow Cafe. By CB Smith

Rainbow Cafe
By CB Smith

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Book Synopsis

The high risk high reward world of stock trading is a wild ride. Case Hardison has had more than his share of delirious excitement and crushing despair. When he decides to step back and visit his hometown for a soul refresher, the last thing he expects to confront is an old flame who is still burning and yearning. By comparison to this unexpected turn his daily grind is a walk on the beach!


Case Hardison walked through the large, glass doors that lead into the central trading area. Around the office, they jokingly referred to this as “The Pit.” Here, the deals were made. Deals where the stakes were high. Deals that could potentially garner millions in profit or drive someone to destitution and bankruptcy. Watching the action from a distance, it was hard to imagine a more frenetic scene.

The front line—rows of telephones that han...
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