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Are These Eyeballs? by Garry Charles

Are These Eyeballs?
By Garry Charles

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Book Synopsis

Contained within are two short stories that will hopefully make you think twice before turning out the lights. In "Are These Eyeballs" a Halloween game threatens to do more than scare the neighbourhood kids. In "The Cubicle" one man revisits his past and has the chance to find closure.


The children stood on the front porch and – as they did every year – waited eagerly with the parents who had come along to keep an eye on them. At least that was the parent’s excuse. If the truth be known they enjoyed this part of Halloween as much, if not more, than the kids.

Fair enough, they had to do the door to door trick or treating, waiting at the end of the gardens as the youngsters went up to the front doors and asked happily for candy. For the adults this was boring, but they did it with a smile. After all Halloween w...
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