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Shredder by Garry Charles

By Garry Charles

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Incoming Transmission: Fee: ?100000... Job: Evaluate eight highly trained professionals... Brief: Enter the facility and await further orders... The Catch... You're the bait...


Rain falls from the night sky and pummels the empty street, streaming from the cracked pavement and forming fast running rivers in the grime caked gutters. The overbearing heat of the day can be forgotten as the downpour cools the air, bringing with it a freshness that hasn't been experienced for months.

But no one comes out to dance in the streets, there are no celebrations... Not here...

...Not now.

This is a place of fear, a city held in the grip of war. To walk the streets at night is to sign your own death warrant, to do so in the day is to play a dangerous game of Russian Roulette. Only those with a purpose, those who dare to try and benef...
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