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Valhala Unleashed by Garry Charles

Valhala Unleashed
By Garry Charles

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Book Synopsis

What happens when a Viking long boat is discovered down a UK coal mine? What happen's when the passengers are undead and hungry for flesh? This is that story... This special edition has extra features in the form of three journal entries found after the zombie outbreak.


Dan Hardwick hated his job, always had and always would. But it was the family tradition. His grandfather had worked down the mines, so had his father and his uncles. Now it was his turn to serve a life sentence of breathing in dust. Not that it was the dust that bothered him, nor the unbearable heat and the stale air. Dan’s main problem was the feeling of being smothered in the close confines of the coal face.

It felt like he’d spent an eternity crouched over at the waist, marching up and down with the cutting machine churning its way through metres upon metres of...
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