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Twisted Imaginings: Vol 1 by Garry Charles

Twisted Imaginings: Vol 1
By Garry Charles

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Book Synopsis

Two blood drenched tales that interlace sex and death in the most gruesome of ways. In "Mother Knows Best" Gerald is harassed by his mother from beyond the grave... In "Dance of the Gypsy" The past is ready to pay Father Thomas a visit...

Please note that both stories contain graphic content and are not intended for under 18s.


The happiest day of Gerald’s life had been when the lecturer had paired him with Leanne for the computer studies project. He hadn’t cared much for the lesson, but always looked forward to seeing her sat across the room, watching her from his place at the back of the class. Now he was filled with an all consuming dread. He’d have to speak to her.

“I’ve seen you around.” She broke the ice and her voice was the sweetest thing he'd ever heard. “You neve...
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