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Don't Go Near The Pool by Alexander Hope

Don't Go Near The Pool
By Alexander Hope

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Mavis O'Roak is excommunicated from Boston. She was mistaken that her anthropologist husband was too busy to notice she was having a torrid affair with her trainer Iron Man Jackson. Charles murdered Jackson and then brought beautiful Mavis to the isolated hills of Point Dume, high above the rocky edge of Claymore Canyon, where their new mansion had few windows and something in the scum-covered pool.


In the plush bedroom suite of an expensive tri-level, Timmi Norris screamed out, “Oh, Charles!" She twisted her body in ecstasy on an oversized water bed. The heavy face make-up made the sixteen year-old look like a twenty-one year-old painted to work the streets. She heard the door open on the lower level. There were muffled voices. She jumped up from the master bed; her thin body tripped forward and fell headlong against the bedpost. A large, r...
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