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Winter Wheat by Alexander Hope

Winter Wheat
By Alexander Hope

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Book Synopsis

A megalomaniac comes of age during the Russian Revolution and through murder and mayhem and climatology and rustology and green bug infestation and maniacal worship of a skeleton witch, controls the wheat of the world.


Germany spawned from the umbra embryo of Satan’s seed, birthed heretics demanding religion’s disembowelment. “Religion is a fantasy now and always!” scribbled Marx and Freud while the masses prayed. Nietzsche’s festering brain attacked the religious impulse, “The greatest event of recent times is that God is dead! That belief, in the theory that a Christian God is no longer tenable, is beginning to cast its first shadows over Europe. Among the advanced races, the decline and ultimately the collapse of the religious impulse will leave a huge vacuum. The history of modern times will be in great part the hist...
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