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How to Succeed in Your Work: a tool kit by Dr. Bryan Walker

How to Succeed in Your Work: a tool kit
By Dr. Bryan Walker

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This collection of work-connected articles covers a wide range of the tools necessary to get employment, to do a good job and to progress. As a tradesperson needs first to know his tools and then to practice with them, so administrative and personal skills are only gained with frequent use and review.

The tools in this book are not to be learned parrot-fashion. They need to be applied thoughtfully and critically because circumstances change and not every tool can be used in the same way in every situation.


There are many aspects to following a successful career. They are mostly derived from two characteristics of personality: ability and application. A person with much ability has an easier time than another who is less able but the individual with less ability can also succeed through greater application.

Ability covers a person’...
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