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Better Ways to Prepare for Emergencies by Bryan Walker

Better Ways to Prepare for Emergencies
By Bryan Walker

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Book Synopsis

This manual is a simple introduction to emergency management. It gives the background to natural and human-made emergencies and disasters and it will guide you:

  • to prepare for emergencies at agency and community levels
  • to make it easier to understand the larger reference books for those new to this field
  • to ensure uniform terminology and consistent language for all those working towards a safer world
  • to provide ideas, information, games and tools for those wishing to organise an introductory workshop on emergency preparedness.


The tsunami of 26 December 2004 in Asia and East Africa followed on the heels of earthquakes in Turkey and India. Within the following year there were floods in India and the USA, and earthquakes in Indonesia, Pakistan and India. A series of cyclones in the Gulf of Mexico and...
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