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On Three Legs We Stand by Cassius Amicus

On Three Legs We Stand
By Cassius Amicus

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Book Synopsis

An Examination of the Preconceptions and Anticipations of Epicurus as considered through the Dialogues of Jackson Barwis.


“On Three Legs Liberty Stands” was the original title of this volume.  The change to the present title was unfortunate, but necessary:  in a world where submission is preached from pulpits and minarets, and liberty is viewed more often with suspicion than with reverence, it is no longer possible to take for granted that Liberty is a desirable thing in itself.

And in truth the desirability of Liberty is not self-evident, not even in the eighteenth-century world of Jackson Barwis.  Barwis composed the dialogues which are included here because he saw that the true foundation of Liberty lies, as it does for all other political and ethical values, at a considerable depth.  It is only at this deeper l...
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