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The Tripod of Truth by Cassius Amicus

The Tripod of Truth
By Cassius Amicus

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An introduction to Epicurus' Canon of Truth, the theory of knowledge that underlies Epicureanism. This work collects the remaining ancient sources and sets forth the foundation on which Epicurus erected his philosophy of happy living.


Epicureanism is often considered to be a philosophy of life that may easily be summarized in the phrase “eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow you may die.”   The fact that this phrase is almost the polar opposite of the true teachings of Epicurus is the subject of this author’s “Ante Oculos:  Epicurus and the Evidence-Based Life.”

But even those who properly understand that Epicurus counseled moderation in the pursuit of desires often fail to appreciate the deeper foundation on which Epicureanism is built, and it is that foundation which is the subject of the presen...
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