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Stone Heart by Payton Lee

Stone Heart
By Payton Lee

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The three knights were weary from the journey. They left London a week ago. The baggage wagons slowed the progress of the cavalcade when they became stuck in the muddy ruts of the road paths. It seemed the rain never stopped since they left London.

“Your sire picked a horrid time of year to command your presence at Keyes,” Sir Lewis grumbled pulling his hood down further to cover his face.

William shrugged. He was not in a pleasant mood. The rain was running down his face like small rivulets. He was soaked through to the skin and his woolen tunic was emitting a very unpleasant odor from the soaking. The wagons had stopped them three times this morning. They were still at least four days from Keyes Castle. If this rain continued it could very well take another week to get to the castle. He was starting to chill with the cold rain....
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