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Concept Sc-fi Issue 2 - Various Authors

Concept Sci-fi Issue 2
By Various Authors

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Book Synopsis

Issue #2

Lee Gimenez, Andrew Males, Susan Murray, Aurelio Rico Lopez III, Ben O' Neill, Michael Kechula and Walter Jon Williams. Plus...

An interview with author Marianne De Pierres and an article on "Writing Realistic Dialogue" by Gary Reynolds.


Darkness to Darkness. by Ben O'Neill

I remember darkness. Not a simple, straight-forward absence of light, but rather a far deeper depth of black, possible only in complete ignorance of the very concept of light. Time, space, life itself held no meaning to me. The only thing differentiating now from the infinite period of nothingness before was a slowly burgeoning awareness of self. I hold no great store of memories from this period, no wealth of profound musings sparked in those first tangled moments of life. Adrift, my newly minted consciousness slowly began to cen...
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