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Concept Sc-fi Issue 6 - Various Authors

Concept Sci-fi Issue 6
By Various Authors

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Issue #6


Volume Control. By Matthew Fazakerly

When your world becomes silent, things seem so isolating at first. A world without sound encloses and quarantines our own chaotic kingdoms, makes them prisons. Day-to day life is missing the normal osmosis of misheard conversations once taken for granted; the sound of petty arguments between neighbours; the wailing precious child that really, no, really must have the latest new toy or the world will end. It really is profoundly strange and unsettling when the general music of our own personal universes colliding and intertwining together is suddenly absent. But it’s something you can live through. Live through and flourish. And as I found out, it’s definitely for the better.

It all began when my good eardrum exploded with an involuntary spasm of pain, and...
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