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Concept Sc-fi Issue 5 - Various Authors

Concept Sc-fi Issue 5
By Various Authors

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Book Synopsis

Issue #5

Short fiction from; Dylan Fox, Lawrence Buentello and Jonathan Lowe. Plus...

An interview with Lou Anders from Pyr SF, the regular 88 Miles Per Hour column by Andrew Males and the next article in my "beginning writing" series which this time focuses on controlling pace and flow.


The Beacon. By Jonathan Lowe

The Flamingo is a Fifties era horseshoe-shaped former motel made of concrete block, lit by neon snakes of flickering light. I pause, listening to the sound the engine of my Camaro makes, hissing steam onto the cracked asphalt of the parking lot. When most of the luster has left the Tucson skyline, I finally get out to stand beside the fence surrounding the empty pool. As I stare into the cracked and shadowed deep end, an ice machine somewhere behind me chugs to life. I walk towards it, then, open the stai...
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