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Concept Sc-fi Issue 4 - Various Authors

Concept Sci-fi Issue 4
By Various Authors

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Book Synopsis

Issue #4

Short fiction from; Jaine Fenn, author of Principles of Angels, Sean Williams, author of the Astropolis series, and Rod Slatter, Lee Gimenez and more. Plus...

An interview with Seeds of Earth author Michael Cobley and an excerpt from his book.


Organic Life. By Justin Ryan Schwan

The day was August eighth, 2656. I was in command of the space vessel V3-943. My crew and I awoke from stasis on August first. There was a beacon from the planet's surface and we were to investigate it on our way back to Earth from our military/exploratory expedition.

  We approached a medium-sized planet roughly the size of four Earths. It was an apparent life spawning planet. We could see green and blue and brown through the concave windows of our ship before we entered atmosphere. What appeared to be forest covered roughl...
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