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Disciplinary Committee by Maina Ndugo

Disciplinary Committee
By Maina Ndugo

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Book Synopsis

Paul and his gang have been successful in their missions once they discovered a powerful sedative. However things go south on their latest mission and they are forced into a battle with strangers, who will survive?


He attracted a lot of attention as he waited for the elevator. Once the doors opened, he was the first person to hop inside and quickly pressed the number. Chege almost went insane when he noticed the awkward silence of the others as they gawked at his bruises.

“Nowadays Nyeri belongs to thieves,” he said and some people consoled him with uplifting words. Chege‘s colleagues quickly gathered around him curious to know what befell him as soon as he walked through the door. He told them he was a victim of mugging during the weekend and blamed it on the marijuana smoking, unemployed youth in the town. Th...
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