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Books for Teens in a wide range of genres

The Internet and social media are part of your life, so you would think it is easy to find a good book to read: a book that is actually written for Teens or YA’s. Stories that are contemporary and relate to teenage life today; that aren't patronising or aimed at younger kids. Well, it's easy now because you've found obooko free ebooks

So, what kind of stuff do you like to read? When it comes to books for teens, obooko is the online library of choice if you want quick 24-hour access to a huge range of ebooks. From coming-of-age dramas for teenagers, thrillers and techno books, to high-school romance and fantasy.

And, for older teenagers and those leaving their teens we have a range of YA books with some great storylines: some light, some dark. Come on in and get downloading - all totally, awesomely, FREE! No crapware, no membership upgrade garbage, no ad's inside the books, no strings or stings. Honest!

The most downloaded book for teens on obooko is currently Leah by J.M. Reep.

What’s it like to be a teenager? What do teens read? When it comes to books for teens, obooko is an ideal port of call to download from a huge range of books written for teenagers and for YA’s too.

As a Teen in this digital age, you will probably be spending more and more time online, not only to connect and network with your friends via services like facebook and Twitter, etc., but also to explore the vast encyclopeadia of information that’s readily available to Internet users. When it comes to gadgets and apps, teenagers are always the first to discover and test what’s on offer, and spread the message through their social networks. And this is how you will have heard about Obooko's free books for teens ... posts and comments crop up all over the Web! This is to be encouraged so that teenagers don’t lose the interest they once had in reading books. Now that you are older, it makes sense to incorporate reading into smartphones so that you can enjoy a free teen e-book while on the go .. and teens are always on the go!

Downloading free books for teens and YA readers from obooko in ebook format is a breeze. We ask you to sign up to ensure you are in fact a teenager and mature enough to read most of the content on the site. Once you have your password you can download books for teens to your heart’s content. Whether you like scary books for teens, mysteries or teen romance, we have free ebooks in all genres, so you are sure to find a fantastic free read here.

Our authors don't get paid a bean, they just want you to read their work, so please leave a star-rating and some feedback for each of the free teen books, you download from obooko. Saying thanks to a writer will make their day!