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Fletcher and the Mexican Emperor. By Ken Donald

Fletcher and the Mexican Emperor
By Ken Donald

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Book Synopsis

It is 1866 and the new Emperor of Mexico has dragooned England's cowardly Colonel Fletcher into service.

The fragile Mexican Empire is on its last legs, and our reluctant hero would like nothing more than to abandon ship and be homeward bound.

When he isn't being pursued by the beautiful Empress Carlota, or the ravishing bandit Maria, he finds himself arrested by the French Foreign Legion and forced to fight an army of bloodthirsty Juaristas.

Will our lecherous adventurer survive?


Yes, I freely admit it, it's true. I'm a coward, a scoundrel, a cheat, a liar, and, when occasion demands it, a thief. I plead guilty to all these worthy talents since there is one thing I do lack - a conscience. However, in writing these hallowed memoirs I intend to break the habit of a lifetime and tell the...
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