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Our Reluctant Man in Vietnam. By Ken Donald

Our Reluctant Man in Vietnam
By Ken Donald

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Book Synopsis

It is 1951 and Ho Chi Minh's communists are determined to end France's colonial rule in Vietnam.

Our French allies need all the help they can get - and it arrives in the shape of Captain Fletcher, RAF pilot and unwilling member of the Secret Intelligence Service.

Waylaid by a string of beautiful women, including the double-agent Claudine Boissinot, can Fletcher keep his mind on the task at hand?


"I understand that you're a pilot, Captain Fletcher. Do you think it might be possible for you to give me a ride to Hong Kong?"

I sat there open-mouthed with my cigarette dangling precariously from my lower lip, unable to answer. Eventually I managed to come to terms with the fact that one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen was actually standing in our grubby little backstreet roo...
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