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Our Reluctant Man in Korea. By Ken Donald

Our Reluctant Man in Korea
By Ken Donald

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Book Synopsis

It is 1950 and Kim Il Sung, the leader of North Korea, has ordered his troops to invade the South. Can they be stopped?

It sounds like a job for Captain Thomas Fletcher, RAF pilot and unwilling member of the Secret Intelligence Service

When he isn't chasing the beautiful agent, Lee Ji-min, or passing the time with seductive Japanese waitresses, he is offering advice to presidents and prime ministers alike.

Thrown into the heat of battle, can our reluctant hero survive his adventures?


A Magyarian maiden
I was feeling pretty pleased with myself back in ’56. As you will no doubt be aware, I’d been fortunate enough to escape captivity and death at the hands of the North Koreans and their Chinese allies - and come through the whole nightmare of a war pretty well unscathed. If you...
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