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The Farm by Max M. Power

The Farm
By Max M. Power

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Book Synopsis

The second book in the Jonathan McGregor series. Fighting the Mob is the first.

Jonathan and Johnson are wanted men after destroying the mafia in New York. Safe passage is offered to them by the CIA but not everyone agrees they fit in, including them.

The two find themselves outcast while going through the motions at The Farm, the training location for all CIA agents, by all the instructors as well as some of the top performing students.

When the chief instructor decides to take matters into his own hands the only outcome is death. The pair find themselves on the run yet again but are they capable of outrunning the CIA?


Brian never served in the military. He had gone to private schools all his life. He went to Yale then straight into the CIA. He had wanted to be the American version of James Bond, wome...
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