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Beautifully Crazy by Max M. Power

Beautifully Crazy
By Max M. Power

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Book Synopsis

A complete collection of poetry beginning with my first poem, written in 1992 through to the last poem written in 2010. Each poem that I could find that was penned by my hand appears in this book. I have truly poured my heart and soul out in these pages, so I hope you enjoy them.


I could not ask for more
For I have been blessed ten-fold.
I’ve been given a good wife
To lean on and love in this life.
I’ve got a friend who will always care
And boy, is that something rare.
I’ve got children who love me
Cause I can make them laugh and keep them happy.
I don’t have much wealth
But at least I’ve got good health.
I have a family who loves
Everything God gives us from above.
So I really don’t want more
And for that I’v...
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