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The Guardians by Max M. Power

The Guardians
By Max M. Power

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Book Synopsis

Good and evil: the battle between them is as old as creation. Azazel will obliterate anyone who gets in his way, the Guardians included. The strongest of the Guardians, Demetrius, is the only one who stands in the way of Azazel and his goal, Armageddon. Demetrius, with the love of his life by his side, is determine to prevent his brother succeeding.


The building was the tallest in the city. In the heart of downtown, it was built to double as a lookout post incase of an invasion from the air. After the attack on Pearl Harbor the U.S. Navy was not going to take any more chances.

The roof did not look like a typical lookout post but then again it was not suppose to. Each of the four corners had a gargoyle looking out over the city. Inside the eyes of the gargoyles is where the cameras were placed so a recording could be made of any at...
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