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VL-45 by Max M. Power

By Max M. Power

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Book Synopsis

Houston, Texas, becomes the destination of a gang, but when innocent children are murdered Detective Wyatt Earp vows to bring the killers to justice. When a vigilante targets and kills the same gang members who are murdering the kids, the FBI is appointed to take over the case. Wyatt does not want to impede the vigilante because he is managing to do what the police can't. Will justice prevail? Will the vigilante be caught?


Chapter 1

Looking into someone's eyes is like looking into their soul. But this body no longer had a soul.

This child's life ended before it began.

Wyatt couldn't believe his ears when he got the call. An eighteen month old baby had been shot in a drive by.


The father was the intended target but the baby was hit instead....
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