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Soul keeper by Jaye Patrick

Soul keeper
By Jaye Patrick

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Book Synopsis

Urban Fantasy

The four men backed me away from my companions with jabs from their black-bladed weapons. One used his sword to poke at me and I raised my left arm to takes the strike. Pain sang up my arm as he sliced through the leather of my jacket and cotton of my shirt. Blood bloomed and the men grinned at
each other.

They were going to kill me slowly, slicing a piece off here and a piece off there ...


The one-two click of a cocking gun broke my concentration as I riffled through the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet. One more click... and I'd be hoping he didn't have his finger on the trigger.

"You live dangerously, Detective Saxon." He nudged the back of my skull with the barrel of what felt like a very large gun.

I kept crouching. "So do you, Fuentes....
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