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Huntress by Jaye Patrick

By Jaye Patrick

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Book Synopsis

Book 1 in the Huntress series.

World Council researcher Cambria Petersen is in a whole lot of trouble. Exiled to a jungle prison planet populated with rapists, terrorists and a psychopath or two by a corrupt Judicar, she has two choices: find a way home, or die trying. But to find justice for herself and others wrongly exiled, she must set aside civilisation and become the very thing she was accused of.


Cambria lifted her head and stared in shock at her dark-haired boss. Dull red crept up his fleshy jowls and into his face, grey eyes narrowed with anger and his hand shook as he held out the inch-thick, buff coloured file she’d placed on his desk two hours ago.

“Sir?” She rose from her seat and stood with hands clasped.

Senator Heinrich Dortmund waved the offending file at her and she eased back.
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