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Huntress: Sacrifice by Jaye Patrick

Huntress: Sacrifice
By Jaye Patrick

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Book Synopsis

Book 2 in the Huntress series.

World Council Hunter, Cambria Petersen arrives on Nomad with an execution warrant for escaped serial killer and former lover, Excalibur Jones. First, though, she has to stop a war, save the Nomadians and illegal immigrant humans and then kill Jones. All before an alien tech implant destroys her. Should be simple for a Hunter... right?


Cambria Peterson winced as the door clanged shut behind her.

Raw, damp heat prickled over her skin and slick sweat bloomed on her forehead. She lifted a sleeve to wipe the moisture away and her left hand moved to unseal the calf-length coat. Before she could touch the tabs, cool air seeped through her clothes and she smiled wryly.  

Built-in air-conditioning, just like Caparossi said. Excellent.

She stood in an alcove at the end of a garbage-littered...
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