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A Spoof on Sex by Don Lewis Wireman, Sr.

A Spoof on Sex
By Don Lewis Wireman, Sr.

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Book Synopsis

This book is a satire. I hope the reader will find it to be humorous in places and mildly thought-provoking in others. Historically speaking, as a matter of ethics, many medical doctors have been reluctant to discuss sex with their patients. Even the names associated with female sexual anatomy were not printed in medical textbooks--much less illustrated-- until recent years. To that end, the fictitious name of the doctor in this story shall initially be withheld from the reader by giving the doctor a second fictitious name--Dr. Blankface. I'm sure he'd want it that way if he were a real doctor.


THE YOUNG DOCTOR had had two sessions with the female psychiatrist and held her in high esteem. He thought her body was terrific. He liked her, even though at times he thought she was a bit too emotional. Moreover, he liked her extraordinary intellect and pa...
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