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333 by Don Lewis Wireman, Sr.

By Don Lewis Wireman, Sr.

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Do you believe there is such a thing as a part human - part animal?
We are living in a time of numerous scientific discoveries in the field of genetic engineering.

Did you know that scientists are artificially producing hybrid animals right now?

Hybrid animals are creatures that are part-human, part animal, or part one animal and part another. They've been known throughout the centuries of our world's mythological history. Many countries have legends about them, legends based purely on creations of the imagination, for example: the hybridization of a human and a male lion - the Great Sphinx is a famous example, another is Pan, the part goat, part man Greek god.

But hybrid animals are no longer just imaginary creatures. Today, real ones are being produced in laboratories throughout the world--some from human flesh and blood ju...
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