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Different Colored Stones by Don Lewis Wireman, Sr.

Different Colored Stones
By Don Lewis Wireman, Sr.

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Book Synopsis

The scar-faced man grabbed Mandy's bridle. Ellen kicked Mandy in the flanks. The little horse could barely run with the transient clinging to her side--but managed to drag the heavy man a ways farther through the meadow grass toward the river--then the transient got hold of Ellen's foot--pulled her off of Mandy, onto the grass. Ellen could hear the other three men laughing, as the scar-faced transient, breathing his heavy, stinking breath, pawed her body and began pulling off pieces of her clothes so he could have his way with her. Without warning--Joseph, on horseback, shot out of the trees--his black stallion at full gallop. Without slowing his horse--he reached down, grabbed the scar-faced transient by the belt, dragged him, kicking and screaming, until they reached a large waterhole cut into the bank of the river. Joseph threw the scar-faced man in, then wheeled his ho...
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