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Good Weather for a Murder by Don Lewis Wireman, Sr.

Good Weather for a Murder
By Don Lewis Wireman, Sr.

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Book Synopsis

Could that be a corpse floating in the swimming pool? A retired private investigator and his wife are in town attempting to catch a tuna! But they end up fishing for something much bigger: the type that has two legs and is intent on murder! The llocal police detective does not appreciate a PI encroaching on his territory. At the LaGrange mansion, big trouble is brewing! 


WILLY WATT got out of the driver's side of his large sedan, slammed the door, lumbered to the back of it. The trunk door made a snapping sound as he briskly opened it with his key.

He set his and his wife's bags out onto the sidewalk.

He'd brought a small duffle for himself.

She'd brought three suitcases, a vanity case and several boxes.

The balmy Florida day was hot and humid. Willy felt sweat runni...
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