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The Vampirening of Taffney St. Cloud by Paul Hawkins

The Vampirening of Taffney St. Cloud
By Paul Hawkins

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Book Synopsis

A broody suburban girl copes with her recent vampirenization. Or is it vampirening? A bit of humor at the expense of a certain genre.


Taffney St Cloud was a somewhat fat, dark-haired college student new to the town and new to Sunvalleydale Local Regional College. None of the popular girls liked her and they told their boyfriends that they had better not like her either, so Taffney was very much alone. She had to eat lunch all by herself and everything.

But Taffney had a dark secret she did not share with them, and it was the reason she had moved to a new town and a new school in the first place. Sometime in the recent past, Taffney had undergone... the vampirening.

Her old town had been all mysterious like that - not all bright and shiny and suburban like Sunvalleydale. Folks back in her old town of Ravensberg didn't say much and di...
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