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Prometheus Fit To Be Tied by Paul Hawkins

Prometheus Fit To Be Tied
By Paul Hawkins

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Book Synopsis

A spoiled millionaire whose life has been one long series of extravagant distractions returns home to try to fill the gap his misspent decades have failed to paper over. His sudden return fuels gossip of scandal and is unwelcomed by a town now looking forward to a future of prosperity, fueled by the imminent commencement of multi-million dollar WPA flood control project. Has he returned to steal the spotlight or just to gum up the works by being his usual eccentric, irresponsible, and occasionally obnoxious self?



Ernest White was an odd duck from the day he was born. He was always indifferent to his parents' acts of kindness. He never played with the toys they bought him, and he told stories to himself – about himself – instead. He was nice enough to his mother, but when his father talked he acted like he didn't hear him,...
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